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Communication - Electronics - Mil-Aero
Multi-path RF attenuator assembly for automated testing

JFW’s newest line of programmable RF attenuator assembly systems are designed to meet the needs of 5G and WiFi 6E test labs and allow for easy test automation. Model 50PA-1183-XX works from 200MHz to eight gigahertz and is available with up to eight individually controllable, solid state RF attenuators.

Each attenuator has a range of 0-95 dB in 1-dB steps and is guaranteed monotonic across the band. The test system is 19” rack-mountable and comes standard with SMA female connectors. Front-panel manual controls and DHCP compatibility make for easy setup of remote control. Straight forward, preprogrammed commands can be delivered via Ethernet, RS-232, or through the provided GUI (Graphical User Interface). This makes scripting complex test scenarios simple.

Preprogrammed commands include: Set Attenuator, Read Attenuator, Fade Attenuator, Variable Attenuator Handover, and many more. Ethernet control allows for up to 12 simultaneous users and Python libraries are available upon request.

Verdugo Way
United States
Testdyne provides repair and calibration services for most optical and electrical test instrumentation. We are specialized serving the Communications, Optical, Electrical, Government, Medical, Mil-Aero and Sensing Industries. Repair and calibration services range from: Optical Instrumentation: Optical Power Meters Wavelength Meters Laser and LED Sources Broadband Sources Tunable Lasers Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA) Protocol Analyzers Optical Attenuators Optical Switches OTDRs etc. Electrical Instrumentation: Volt Meters Ampere Meters Power Meters Oscilloscopes Power Supplies Frequency Counters Frequency Meters TDRs etc.
United States

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